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Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2016

The theme of APDW 2016 is "Innovative Approaches to Gastroenterology," and the programs are designed to offer cutting-edge and futuristic perspectives, not to mention being informative and educative.

Specifically, the following lectures are planned:

-           Stem Cell Research in Gastroenterology

-           iPS Research in Gastroenterology

-           Gut Microbiota in Health and Disease

-           Cancer Epigenetics: Above and Beyond

-           Advanced Imaging Technology in Endoscopy

-           Neurogastroenterology and Motility

-           Insulin Resistance and the Liver

-           Innovation of Robotic Surgery in Gastroenterology

We strongly assure you the Kobe Congress must be an ideal platform to exchange knowledge on innovations and advances that address current issues in the treatment of digestive diseases.

Nov 2016
Nov 2016

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