This Resource Centre will retire this year and will not be available after 31 December 2017. Content will remain here for browsing and downloading prior to that date. Thank you for your interest.


This Resource Centre will retire this year and will not be available after 31 December 2017.
Content will remain here for browsing and downloading prior to that date. Thank you for your interest.

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The Biosimilars Resource Centre is an educational portal that helps healthcare professionals develop their knowledge of biosimilars through e-Learning modules and curated peer-reviewed content. By providing three UEMS-EACCME-accredited e-Learning modules and the latest research, hand-picked by editors, the Resource Centre aims to disseminate knowledge on biosimilars for rheumatologists, gastroenterologists and dermatologists.

This freely available resource is hosted by the journal New Horizons in Translational Medicine. For more information, go to our Courses page.

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Module 1

​Putting the “bio” in “biotherapeutics”: differentiating between generics and biosimilars

From small molecules to biotherapeutics.
What is the difference between biosimilars and generics? This module looks at the specifics, considering aspects like immunogenicity.

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Module 2

Checkpoints for biosimilars: insights into the regulatory framework

Regulatory framework for approval of biosimilars.
What are the regulatory guidelines? This module dives into regulation, nomenclature and pharmacovigilance.

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Module 3

Application of biosimilars: key considerations for healthcare professionals

Practical implications for healthcare professionals.
​What do biosimilars mean for you? This module addresses aspects like interchangeability, safety and efficacy.

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Executive summary

The number of biosimilar medicines on the market is steadily increasing, due, in part, to patent expiration of several top-selling biologic medicines. These three e-learning modules discuss the basic concepts behind biosimilar medicines and highlight key regulatory considerations when using biosimilar medicines in medical practice.

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About the courses

With three UEMS-EACCME-accredited e-Learning modules, learners can dive into the topic of biosimilars, increasing their understanding and knowledge for improved practical applications and outcomes.

Each e-Learning module takes 45 minutes to complete and is worth 1 UEMS-EACCME credit. The modules are accompanied by three freely downloadable slide decks that learners can share with peers (non-CME accredited). Up to five new peer-reviewed articles are added every month to complement the content.

Three expert guest editors act as independent expert reviewers, in line with UEMS guidelines, and curate the content of the three e-Learning modules. 

About Biosimilars

A biosimilar is a biologic medicinal drug that is a copy of a drug made by another company. Biosimilars can be manufactured once the original drug’s patent has expired, and must go through approval processes that involve citing the original drug.

Unlike generics, biosimilars are not carbon copies of their originators. Because they are made of biological molecules, they are more complex, and typically 10 to 1000 times the size of the small molecules that constitute generic drugs, making it almost impossible to create an exact copy.

Biosimilars can cut the cost of treatments in a similar way to generics; this makes them economically as well as clinically important for healthcare systems and professionals. And this is reflected in the figures – the biosimilars market is set to soar to over $6 billion in the next five years.

Despite this, familiarity with and knowledge of biosimilars is generally low in the medical community, with 25% of doctors never having heard of them, according to one survey.

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